Common properties of nodes#

DAVE has many different types of nodes, but some properties are present in all of them.


Every node has a unique name. This name can be used to obtain a reference to that node from the scene.

When nodes are automatically created, for example as part of a component or super-node, the name is typically pre-fixed with the name of that parent node. Parts are then separated by a /. Example:

SB_crane/Main hoist/Swivel or Pontoon1/tanks/SB1


Names can become rather technical which does not always aid the user. For that purpose nodes can have a label as well. By default the label is equal to the name (or the part behind the last /), but nodes may override this property.


See watches


See Limits


See Groups


See tags




Adds the provided tag to the tags


Adds the provided tags to the tags


Returns true if node has the given tag - tag can be a tag selection expression

tags (read-only)

All tags of this node (tuple of str)

Warnings and errors#

Nodes may issue warnings, for example when the physical behavior is not as expected. For example SPMT of which one of the wheels looses contact with the barge.

Warnings can be obtained using the warnings property which returns a list of strings (may be an empty list if no warnings are present). If warning are present then they have the following format:

(XXXX) message [info] [info2] : Code between () and optional additional information between []

see warnings and errors