File format

File format#

The standard file-format for saving DAVE scenes and nodes is vanilla python.

When loading a model or asset from a file into a scene the contents of that file are executed in the python interpreter. In the interpreter a variable s is available which refers to the current scene.

This makes it possible to define DAVE models in a very flexible way as arbitrary code can be executed when importing the model. Importing a model into DAVE is basically the same as running a file, so beware of the involved security implications.

Standard directory#

By default DAVE will try to create a subfolder “DAVE_models” in the users HOME folder (%homepath% in windows, ~ in linux). This folder will be used for storing temporary files, the log file, and as default save location for assets and models.


DAVE creates auto-save files in the following folder:


The auto-save file names have the following syntax: autosave_YYYYMMDD_hhmmss_PID.dave where the first part is the time-stamp of the moment that the file was first created and PID is the process id of the DAVE instance that created the file.

For example: