Rigging Analysis#

The Rigging Analysis node is used setup a rigging analysis. It defines the required factors and offers some solvers to optimize the design.

CoG variations#

CoG variations only work on a single body. So if a composition of bodies is lifted the variation can only be applied on one of them.

Rigging analysis#


Adding watches to the lifted object

[future: ] Automatic optimizing of rigging item lengths

Dual crane#

Auto leveling of second hoist


Adding limits to the rigging items using global factors

Skipping the bending reduction calculation over specific items#

It is possible to ignore certain members (Circles, Roundbars, Points) when calculating the bending losses of an item. This is done by giving these members a tag.

What the tags is that you want to have ignored is specified here. It can be a tag expression.

The default tag for this, which may already be used in imported items such as lifting beam edges, is SKIP_BENDING_REDUCTION


The RiggingAnalysis Node is a pure-python node. Each Scene can have at most one single RiggingAnalysis node.

Partial Safety Factors are stored per SlingGrommet.