Grommet protector Node#

A grommet-protector is an individual node modelling a typical grommet protector.

Grommet protectors can be added to a lifting beam although in theory they can also be used independently.

Step 1: Select the lifting beam and click “Add grommet protector”


Adding a grommet protector via the lifting beam properties will automatically populate the grommet protector properties. These should not need to be changed.


Step 2: Select the newly created grommet protector node to position it.


Adding new grommet protector types to DAVE#

Grommet protector types are defined as part of a lifting beam.

Axis system for Grommet-protectors#

For grommet protectors the Y-axis is perpendicular to the lifting beam and the Z-axis points upwards.


Elevation such that the centerline of the circles is at z=0. In X and and Y direction the origin