Equipment list#

Rigging equipment is typically labeled and organized in some way.

Identifying rigging items#

In rigging design it is typical to number all the items in the rigging arrangement with a short ID. This can be anything from a sling number such as SL-3142 or an equipment list number such a 03.04.1 or simply ②.

In calculations and analysis every item has a unique number or ID. However in the field some items may be interchangeable, for example shackles of the same type. In that last case all those are typically given the same identification to avoid having to look for exactly that one shackle that is always on the bottom of the pile.

DAVE wants to support both situations. This is done as follows:

Every Node in DAVE has a unique name. Some of the names can be edited by the user (for example lifting beams) while, others are automatically assigned (slings, shackles and grommets in rigging systems).

Rigging items of which the name can not be changed have a “description” which can be changed by the user.


Defining an ID#

Adding an ID to an item is done by including a # followed directly by the ID in either the description or name of an item. Here description takes precedence above name. The ID ends with the first space or the end of the name/description:




#1 Rental



Rental #2





Yellow/Green #01.30.02(a)



Full context / grouped#

Parenthesis () can be used to identify interchangeable items. When producing drawings or shopping lists items with the same ID outside the brackets are grouped together to produce a list with a quantity. So

Full context (for analysis)

Grouped (for drawings, equipment list, …)

Shackle #1(a)
Shackle #1(b)
Shackle #2

2 x Shackle #1
1x Shackle #2