The Rigging module adds features to enable design, analysis and reporting of rigging systems using DNVGL ST N001 method or IMCA methods.

Design, analysis, 3d visualization and reporting from the same model.


Skew load calculation

Automatic application via rigging item length variations, alternatively a factor can be provided

Dual crane lifts

Automatic application determination of 1m / 3 degrees criteria. Configurable.

CoG envelope

CoG envelope can be incorporated.

Rigging stiffness

Stiffness of steel rigging items can be estimated if not known

Hook geometry

Geometry of the hook(s) is fully included in the analysis


Friction effects (first and higher order) can be fully included

Rigging length calculations

Solvers (goal-seek) available to optimize rigging lengths

Tilt calculations

All tilts are calculated and reported

Rigging geometry

Complete rigging geometry is accurately calculated using build-in a non-linear FEM solver.

Stiffness of lifted object

Can be included if known


Can be fully included. Bending moments, torsion and compression are reported.


Governing loads and angles are calculated reported

Bending losses

Decrease of allowed load due to bending losses is automatically calculated

Sling geometry
Grommet geometry

Geometry of rigging items over round surfaces such as shackles, trunnions and grommet protectors is fully included.


3D visuals are produced and can be exported to Blender (and from there to 3D CAD)


Typical shackle models (GP, GN) included, more can be added

Company assets

Cranes, Spreaderbars, Spreaderbeams and Hoists can be


Complete calculation reports produced as pdf.