Nodes are the building blocks of a scene.

In this chapter all standard nodes of DAVE will be introduced.

Building geometry and using joints#

The geometry of a model is constructed using Frames, Points, Circles and sometimes GeometricContacts

A beginners tutorial is available here

An overview of the geometry nodes is here

Cables, lines,catenaries#

The Cable node can be used to model flexible members without bending stiffness but with axial stiffness.

Cables can connect two or more points and or circles.

When a cable is given a mass, then it is modelled using the elastic catenary equation. Else it is just a line.

Friction can be added on intermediate connections

Cables can be used to model loops

Geometry of cables running over circular members (circles , roundbars) is fully supported.


Axial members with bending stiffness and torsion can be modelled using the Beam node.