Shackle node#

The Shackle node and the RiggingString node can both be used to model shackles.

Shackle nodes are used to model shackles. A shackle is a special type of body and can be inserted via the context (right click) or quick actions menu.

DAVE includes a library of common types. The shackle type can be changed simply by selecting a shackle type:

A shackle contains three circles.

  • Pin

  • Bow

  • Inside

Pin and Bow can be used to connect slings or grommets to.

Pin can be used to insert in the eye of a padeye via a geometric contact

The inside can be used to model shackle/shackle contact. See geometric contact node for more details.

When modelling combinations of slings / grommets and shackles it is often easier to use a RiggingString node.

Shackle library#

The list of available shackles is loaded from .csv files named *.shackle data.csv located in any of the resources folders. These databases are loaded when the first shackle is created.


  • Note that the standard resources system is used. This means that if multiple files with the same name are present then only one of those will be loaded.

  • Shackle type names need to be unique.

Adding more shackle types#

So to add additional shackles to DAVE, give your database a different name, for example my_shackles.shackle_data.csv, and place it in one of the resources folders.

The columns in the .csv are as follows:

Name,Description,WLL,weight,pin diameter,bow diameter,inside length,bow inside diameter,visual,visual scale,,,
  • The first row is the header and will not be read

  • Name is the unique identifier for the shackle kind

  • Description can be anything and is used in reporting

  • WLL is the working load limit or SWL - it is noted that the SWL my differ based on the use of the shackle.

  • weight in in [kg]


Name,Description,WLL,MBL,weight,pin diameter,bow diameter,inside length,bow inside diameter,visual,visual scale
GN-H10-120t, GN-H10 Bow safety pin shackle 120t, 120, 14400, 110, 95, 89, 380, 238 ,res: Visuals/Shackles/GN-H10/37001209.stl, 0.001


  • pin diameter in [mm] : D

  • bow diameter [mm] : G

  • inside length [mm] : H

  • bow inside diameter [mm] : 2*K


Visual / visual scale#

The combination of the visuals and a scale is used to enable working with a single visual file for multiple sizes of shackles. Note that this may result in slightly off visuals as not all shackle dimensions scale equally.

The visual shall be oriented and positioned such that the centerline of the shackle pin follows the y-axis and the shackle bow points upwards (z):